Thursday, 22 June 2017

Our Rome Accommodation: Experience Roma Terrace

Usually I pick hotels or apartments near a Metro Station for convenience. Experience Roma Terrace is a service apartment about 7 minutes walk from Spagna Metro Station.
The mesh door on the left is the gate to the manual lift.
It opened to a very tiny lift enough for two average adults.
When we first got there, two luggage had to be stacked on top of the other two for William to squeeze into the lift while the rest of us used the stairs to reach the apartment.
We entered through this door to our lovely apartment.
The only bedroom in the apartment
See the little nook in the corner? Baby decided to cosy herself up there and sleep for the nights we were in Rome.
The living area
Coco slept on the sofa.
Dining area
Beautiful place
The little kitchenette was hidden in a closet
We boiled water in a pot to prepare milk for Baby every night.
My only grouse about the place: While the bathroom was large, the shower area was very tiny. 
I am petite by Asian standard, but it was still a tiny area. 
The worse thing was it got flooded after a few minutes of bath as the drainage was not working well.

The towels were supposed to be changed every three days (!!!). I requested to have them changed every two days after Michela, the nice lady in charge of the place, showed me the fine number of towels we had.

Michela also recommended a few dining places before we left, keeping in mind that we might not want to splurge on expensive restaurants given that we came to Italy as a family.

All in all, we were happy with the place and would recommend it for its location.

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