Sunday, 18 January 2009

Bulk Purchase

Oh wow, the mothers on singaporemotherhood sure have good tastes.

I'm totally smitten by these pettiskirts that's on bulk purchase.

They are sooooo pretty it's hard to decide which one, or rather, 'ones', to get.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My high EQ girl II

My father brought two packets of ang pows to my place yesterday after getting to know that Coco needed 20 of them for her art lesson.

When I told Coco about it when she came home, she gasped. And said,"Then don't tell gong gong that you've already bought the ang pows ok? I'll use his ang pows."

When queried why, she replied,"It's gong gong's 'hao3 yi4' (good will)."

I'm amazed at how high an EQ she has. So unlike her low-EQ mother.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Baby's stuff

I bought the Fisher Price Rainforest Cot Mobile for the baby.
Some smart cookie created the demo link for the cot mobile, which in my opinion is a very good idea. It gives people a preview into the item and people who'd wanted to buy it will almost certainly buy it after seeing how it works.

I love the mobile myself. It's very colourful and the creatures are oh-so-cute. And on top of the spinning creatures, the leaves flap up and down which add to the movement. The only con is the volume. I thought it's abit too soft.

I was hesitant about getting it first hand as it's very pricey for a mobile - $99 after discount. I'd sourced for it on singaporemotherhood but later decided to get a brand new one in case I'm disappointed by second-hand products. I got the baby a pink netted rocker, but apparently, the seller didn't tell me about the flaw of the product - she removed one of the metal rods meant to stabilise the rocker.

I also got the baby a Fisher Price Open-Top Swing from the same place.

The baby apparently enjoys the swing very much. She's often lulled to sleep in the swing.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Another big fight

He had a record of a recipient coded 'S. Pool' to whom he transferred more than $1600 to on 12 November 2008, his payday. He couldn't offer a satisfactory explanation as to who this 'S. Pool' is because obviously it stands for Singapore Pools. He said it 'could be some payment to somebody'. When I said I am going to divorce him after we get rid of this flat, he said he has never forgiven me for typing 'I love you' to Amjad. He said it's tantamount to committing adultery and infidelity.

It's so lame.

He said he has never said 'I love you' to another woman. Does that make him a fantastic husband then? Deep down in my heart, if he brings the bread home and stop asking me for money, I really won't mind that he goes around saying 'I love you' to the rest of the world's women. I probably won't even mind if he sleeps around but brings home the money. I don't know about other women, but to me, at this stage of my life and marriage, an unfaithful man who looks after the family is a more responsible man than William.

A friend said that the bible states that a man who doesn't bring home the money is worse than an unfaithful man, as quoted from her pastor. Although I'm not sure where she got that verse from, but it goes to show that a husband bringing home the money is indeed very important to a marriage.

I was chatting with a chatfriend the other day when he asked me to leave 'the ass'. He said that I need counselling, because I'm constantly disillusioning myself that William will change, and that it's my fault that he's like that.

I used to find it ludicrous and frustrating that a good friend and a sister's friend were living in denial. They had unfaithful husbands but were constantly giving them the benefit of doubt. Chatting online about my marital problems makes me find myself in a similar situation. I'm constantly giving William chances, when he's never going to change. Betting is his second life. The first thing he does when he gets his paycheck is to place bets or make payment to that 'someone' who has helped him place bets.

My elder sister said that she once saw him smsing someone to buy bets in $500 and $300 at one go and she threatened in jest to let me know. But she never did.

I can't help but feel that if I had a more supportive family, I wouldn't have married him in a haste.

I was constantly being chided for getting pregnant with Coco, for those 5 years that I was living with my sisters and parents. My parents and sisters never failed to remind me that she was a mistake, and that I had committed an unpardonable and unredeemable sin. For every mistake that my fifth sister made, they blamed it on my bad example. When my sisters felt disgruntled at their workplaces, they come home and pick up a fight with me and used Coco against me.

I just wanted to get out of that place asap. I didn't want Coco to be used as a weapon constantly. I didn't want Coco to witness battles, with her in the middle of the battleground as a pawn, on a constant basis.

And William was very nice to me. By 'nice', I mean he was very sensitive to my needs, very understanding, very loving and caring. How was I to know that this was a trap waiting for me to jump into?

There were a lot of push factors and some pull factors to get me in this marriage.

I thought that his being an old boy from Coco's current school was a 'sign' that he's the one. At that point of time, I was quite worried that Coco was going to some below-average neighbourhood school because there were only such schools around my parents' place. I knew that she didn't deserve to go to those kind of schools. I decided to place her first. I felt that I didn't have any right to pursue my so-called 'happiness' anymore since I'm a mother now. Honestly, I still feel that my needs and wants should and must take a backseat to Coco's, because I am a mother.

There's no grudge or grouse in this belief, because maternal instinct is innate. Her happiness is my happiness. Her success is my success.

Thursday, 1 January 2009


I was lamenting to a chatfriend on how lousy a decision-maker I am and it prompted me to look for 'how to make good decisions'. And I came across this. I've made all the wrong decisions all my life. It feels like my life's a big mistake.